World Bank Ethiopia: Pioneering Data Destruction – Pilot

In the closing days of April 2023, The World Bank Group came knocking on our doors, their interest ignited by our array of services. Their aim? To harness the might of our data destruction prowess. A digital dialogue ensued; emails were exchanged like the opening notes of a symphony. After careful deliberation, they took the plunge, filling out our data destruction request form. And thus, in May, a journey began.

Nestled in the heart of Addis Ababa’s bustling Bole district, The World Bank Group’s headquarters awaited our arrival. Before exchanging hands, we inked a contract, solidifying our bond. With signatures affixed, the laptops made their descent to the ground floor, where they were tenderly handed over. A meticulous crosscheck followed, matching each laptop’s serial number with the handover form’s record. Only then, with every detail confirmed, did our signatures grace the form.

With our mission of responsibility and security in mind, we embarked on a voyage of data destruction. Our commitment to safeguarding information guided each step, ensuring the laptops’ content vanished beyond recovery. We extended a certificate of destruction to The World Bank Group, symbolizing trust and completion, as a tangible testament to our dedication.

With the laptops now entrusted to our care, they found their way to our collection point, a haven where data destruction awaited. This journey, marked by partnership and precision, underscores our values at Inter Ethiopia Solutions. As we handed over the certificate of disposal, we recognized that this collaboration was more than erasing data; it was about fostering trust, integrity, and the assurance of responsible service.

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