Circular Economy Practices

Our service embodies our commitment to environmental stewardship. Embracing the circular economy, we extend product life cycles through innovative repurposing, refurbishing, and recycling, significantly cutting down waste. Our methods breathe new life into discarded electronics, mitigating environmental harm and paving the way for a greener future. This initiative is a cornerstone of our ethos, promoting a transformative shift towards more sustainable consumption and production practices.

Ethical E-Waste Management with Inter Ethiopia

Inter Ethiopia stands for ethical e-waste disposal and stringent data security. Our rigorously audited processes ensure your company’s confidential data is safely destroyed, maintaining your reputation and security. Trust in our electronic asset management services, in line with:

Recycle or waste

Specialized Electronic Repair Solutions

Our repair solutions are tailored to extend the lifespan of electronic gadgets, in harmony with our sustainability goals. We play a vital role in the circular economy by refurbishing electronics, giving them a renewed purpose and reducing e-waste.

Creative E-Waste Repurposing by Inter Ethiopia

Inter Ethiopia reimagines e-waste into inventive, practical applications. Our skilled team creatively transforms electronic waste, advocating for a sustainable tomorrow.

Black man, soldering iron and fixing circuit board, computer hardware and maintenance with electron
CPU chip on circuit board.

Thorough Electronic Refurbishing Process

We meticulously refurbish electronics, addressing both aesthetics and functionality to ensure each device is ready for reuse. Our enhancements not only improve performance but also prolong the lifespan of these assets.

Guaranteed Secure Data Destruction

We specialize in the complete elimination of data on media devices not slated for reuse or resale. Our high-capacity shredding services include:

Home repair of an electronic device with a homemade tin soldering iron.
toy workers working on electronic chip

Solar Product Lifecycle Management

Expanding our expertise to solar products, we offer comprehensive services, including refurbishment, redeployment, resale, and recycling, with warranty support. We ensure responsible end-of-life handling for solar devices.

  • Solar Panel Management
  • Solar Home System Services
  • Recycling of Lithium-ion Batteries
  • Solar Lantern Solutions
  • Innovative handling of solar home systems and lithium-ion battery e-waste.

Inter Ethiopia's Professional E-Waste Services

Efficiently manage your IT and electronic disposals with our all-encompassing e-waste solutions.

Open Hard drive on keyboard of laptop in dark tone
Closeup of hands holding various alkaline battery

Tailored Solutions for the Corporate Sector

Our experience with global corporations positions us to address your unique e-waste management needs. Download our corporate brochure for detailed insights.

Partnerships with Governments and NGOs

Our proven expertise in collaborating with government and NGO sectors ensures secure and efficient e-waste handling. Explore our specialized government and NGO services.

Open Hard drive on keyboard of laptop in dark tone
Closeup of hands holding various alkaline battery

Streamlined Online Booking and Consultation

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