Repair Services: Collaboration with d.light – Pilot

In the heart of our journey towards a circular economy, a tale of innovation and collaboration unfolds. The narrative begins with our transformative partnership with d.light solar, a beacon of sustainability. Together, we’re redefining repair services and reshaping the e-waste landscape, moving us closer to our vision of a greener future.

The journey started with a resounding announcement of our groundbreaking contracts. One with d.light solar for repair services and e-waste management, and another with Rensys Engineering and Trading for solar home systems repairing. These alliances underscore our unwavering commitment to sustainability, painting a vivid picture of our dedication to a circular way of life.

Finally, embarking on a mission, our story led us to the northern reaches of Ethiopia, where skilled field engineers advanced. 1,500 d.light solar home systems, waiting to be resurrected. Armed with determination and expertise, they delved into the intricate task of repair. Days turned into a symphony of intricate repairs, all harmonizing with our ethos of sustainable progress.

Furthermore, within approximately 20 days, we completed repairs and distributed systems seamlessly to warranty claimants. This chapter in our story illustrated our commitment to customer satisfaction and our promise of reliable, sustainable energy solutions.

Finally, our story continues to unfold, we celebrate the repairs completed. Lastly, it’s a story that inspires, one that holds the power to transform industries and drive lasting change. With every repair, we’re writing a chapter of resilience and sustainability. It’s a vision for a future where each action contributes to a greener, thriving world.

Read more about our repair services here. Read more about d.light here.

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