E-Waste Startup Hub: Expansion of Our New Facility

The successful culmination of our pilot phase marked the threshold of a new journey. With resolute determination, we embraced the next phase, characterized by expansion and evolution. A monumental stride awaited as we acquired a second facility, a four-story testament to our growth. This sprawling structure nestled in the heart of Bole Arabsa is set to become the epicenter of our e-waste operations.

A touch of modernity graces this new headquarters, a spacious haven pulsating with the promise of progress. As we prepare to step into this new chapter, state-of-the-art machinery stands ready to elevate our operations to international standards. Ensuring regulatory compliance and securing essential licenses and certifications was the inaugural step. With these foundational elements in place, we embarked on the journey of equipping and fortifying our edifice.

Safety stands as the cornerstone of our design philosophy. We have meticulously crafted every inch of our new facility with safety at the forefront, ensuring an environment where we infuse every action with care and caution. Beyond bricks and mortar, our new home signifies a strategic shift. Central to its mission is the embodiment of a circular economy ethos. Within these walls, we breathe life into our commitment to repair, refurbish, recycle, and repurpose.

As our story unfolds within these walls, a significant facet comes into focus – data destruction. Amid the whirring of machinery and the hum of innovation, we uphold the responsibility of safeguarding information. Our new facility isn’t just a building; it’s a haven of possibilities, an epicenter of transformation. We paint our vision of sustainability, responsible e-waste management, and a brighter future on this canvas. With every step we take within these walls, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering positive change.

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