E-Waste Management: IE Launching Collection Pilot With d.light

In 2022, Inter Ethiopia Solutions PLC initiated the “Inter Ethiopia E-waste Management” project with a mission to repair, refurbish, repurpose, and recycle solar home systems and lithium-ion products. This marked a pivotal step toward sustainability. As the year drew to a close, another remarkable achievement unfolded when the company forged a contract with d.light. This strategic alliance aimed to oversee, maintain, and handle an extensive stock of over 1500 solar home systems.

Moreover, this collaboration signifies a significant stride in the realm of sustainable technology. This cooperation underscores the potency of partnerships, seamlessly merging expertise and resources. Through this association, a shared vision is brought to life.

Furthermore, the alignment of goals between Inter Ethiopia Solutions and d.light becomes apparent. Together, they blend their capabilities, manifesting an impactful force for change.

Inevitably, the focus sharpens on the positive outcomes. Furthermore, the collective endeavor not only enhances their operational efficiencies but also significantly contributes to environmental welfare. Transition words interlace the narrative, conveying the essence of progression and development.

In essence, 2022 witnessed the inception of Inter Ethiopia Solutions’ initiative. This propelled them into a pivotal venture with d.light. Transition words guide us through this narrative, underscoring the significance of unity, innovation, and ecological responsibility.

Read more about d.light here. Read more about our e-waste management here.

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