Inter Ethiopia’s Startup Establishment into Consultancy Services

In 2010, Inter Ethiopia Solutions PLC began a visionary journey, led by Mr. Zelalem Nigatu, the company’s inspiring CEO and owner. His vision was clear – to assist solar home systems manufacturers in establishing their brand presence in Ethiopia. To achieve this, he embarked on a mission to seek out potential manufacturing partners and passionately pitched his brilliant idea to them.

With enthusiasm and determination, Mr. Nigatu started laying the foundation for Inter Ethiopia’s consulting business. He understood the immense potential of solar energy in Ethiopia and recognized the need for reliable and efficient solar home systems. The country’s abundance of sunlight provided a golden opportunity to harness this renewable energy source.

From the outset, Mr. Nigatu believed in the power of collaboration. He aimed to forge strong partnerships with manufacturers, understanding that together, they could create a significant impact. Armed with this mindset, he approached various manufacturers, elucidating the benefits of entering the Ethiopian market and the potential for mutual growth.

Transitioning from one meeting to another, Mr. Nigatu skillfully presented his well-thought-out plan. He expressed how Inter Ethiopia could act as a bridge, connecting manufacturers to Ethiopian consumers.
Inter Ethiopia guides manufacturers with tailored strategies and market insights. It ensures products align with Ethiopian households’ needs.

As the journey progressed, Mr. Nigatu’s efforts bore fruit. One by one, manufacturers recognized the untapped opportunities in Ethiopia and decided to join hands with Inter Ethiopia Solutions PLC. The company’s portfolio of partners grew steadily, with each manufacturer contributing unique solar home systems with diverse features and capacities.

With strong partnerships established, the next phase was to connect these solar home systems with the people who needed them.

Read more about our company, operations, and how we started our journey here.

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