carbon credit management

We can work with nature-based or technology-based solutions and get the carbon credits value

From initiative identification, definition, implementation, validation, issue of the carbon offset and commercialization for the best possible value.

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At Inter Ethiopia we accompany the issuance of carbon offsets of our clients from start to finish. In this way we can ensure that the compensations made by the companies are verified and the impact on our planet is true. Our purpose is to articulate all actors in the low carbon market in Ethiopia and the world, with the help of tools that facilitate understanding and action against climate change. We work so that companies and individuals can easily understand their carbon footprint, discover how to reduce their emissions and finally offset those that cannot be reduced, until they reach carbon neutrality. Let us support you in the determination of technical and economical feasibility of your possible projects and register them.
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We always make sure to stay updated with the latest machineries and technology.


We have several authorizations & certifications to operate legally in Ethiopia.

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Our team of employees comes from different backgrounds with years of experience in their respective fields.


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Drive real change towards carbon neutrality by managing your emissions the right way, with Inter Ethiopia Solutions.